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Android VPN TO make Free Internet 100%

Android Vpn TO make Free Internet 100%

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1]Rooted Android Device [MUST]Just Google for rooting your android
2]Openvpn package
3]Terminal Emulator
4]BusyBox InstallerNote:busybox will be preloaded with some custom rom
5]Tun.ko module.Link to download tun.ko installer
Note:Tun.ko is kernel specific.It will be different according to your kernelImportant Things
1]Your phone should reboot after successfull procedure.
2]You should configure Openvpn after reboot.
3]You should allow Superuser permissions everytime when it is promptedSteps to be followed
1]First of all check whether busybox installed in yourandroid or not by using 4th attachment of this thread.If it showing busybox not installed then install it by tapping on install button.
2]Extract Openvpn package 2nd attachment into thisdirectory /sdcard/It will look like this directory /sdcard/OpenVPN
3] Launch Terminal Emulator and issue the followingcommands (tap enter at the end of every line):sucd /sdcard/openvpnsh openvpn.shIf you can’t input texts in the Terminal Emulator:Launch it, Press Menu n Preferences & Input Method  Word-based Press Back & Press Menu & Toggle Soft Keyboard
4]Now just wait and watch for 5 min till it is installingall.If it prompts where to install openvpn settings selectsdcard/dataIf your handset reboots, you’re halfway done.[s3][s3]Do the following after reboot
5]Put your TUN.KO file in sdcard/OpenVPN which you can generate by Tun.ko insataller.apk(5th attachment)
6]From your apps, launch OpenVPN Settings app.
7]Press Menu and Tap Advanced
8]Tap TUN module settings.
9]Check Load tun kernel module.
10]Tap Load module using.
11]Select insmod.
12]Tap Path to tun module.
13]Just put location of your tun.ko file as /sdcard/OpenVPN/tun.ko
14]Now just turn On the Openvpn and connect using you config
15]When you are connected successfully.
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Just minimize it and start exploring the free net.YEAH!!OpenVPN INSTALLED and CONFIGURED!You can test your OpenVPN using the configurationsby putting them to /sdcard/OpenVPN/Make sure you have G, E, 3G, or H signal on top of your screen before connecting.Connection Flow should be:Connecting :> Wait :> Auth :> Get config :> Add Routes :>Assign IP Connected to yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy as,where is an assigned IP Address.You should have an assigned IP for you to be able toconnect to the internet.(Connected to yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy as thoroughly the steps provided in this thread to get OpenVPN working.

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