Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Find out everything that Facebook knows about you

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How to find out everything that Facebook knows about you

To find out about the first aspect, here’s what you need to do:

* Log on to Facebook

* Go to Settings

* Click on ads
 Here you will find a sub-head of 'Your interests' which includes 'Hobbies and activities', 'News and entertainment' pages you follow, apps you have downloaded and so on.

* Scroll down and you will see 'Your information' where there is profile about you, which Facebook shares with advertisers.
* It will include information like when you last travelled, which device is used to access Facebook etc.
* Facebook allows users to strike out any information they find irrelevant or incorrect, but doesn't reveal whether it removes this information from your profile.

While this is your Facebook profile's information shared with advertisers, there is a lot more that Facebook knows about you, which is the second aspect of this story. Facebook has an option to allow users to download all the data it has about you in one go.

* Open Settings

* Click on 'Download a copy of your Facebook data'

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* Click the “Start My Archive” button

* Enter your password

After this, you will receive an e-mail from Facebook stating your archive is ready for downloading. When the e-mail arrives, click on the link and then click the “Download” button on the page that opens. All the information will be in .ZIP file format. These ZIP files may be hard to access but you can double click on index.htm file to access all the information together.

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You will find different sections such as Photos, Videos, Friends, Messages, Ads and more -- pretty much everything that you have ever told Facebook.

So, if after seeing that Facebook basically knows almost everything about you, you might get a bit alarmed or remain completely indifferent. If you’re in the first category, then go ahead and join the #DeleteFacebook movement. But if you’re in the indifferent category, carry on liking, sharing and posting.

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