Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hide Last Name On Facebook

             Hide Last Name On Facebook 

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*.Login to your Facebook account.
*.Grab any Indonesian proxy from this listherethen change your proxy on your browser.
*.On Chrome for PC head to Settings >Show advanced settings> underNetwork, click onChange proxy settings> click onLan Settingsandtick"Use Proxy Server for your LAN".
*.Fill in the address box with the proxy, and the port box accordingly. For example, if your proxy is, "" goes into theaddress boxand "8080" is theport.
*.Tick onBypass Proxy Server For Local Addresses. PressOK.
*.Now, go to your Facebook Account settings page, change the language to"Bahasa Indonesia"and save changes.
*.Remove your Facebook last nameand save changes again.
*.Once you have complete everything, revert to your original language.

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