Saturday, 14 April 2018

How To Hack Saved Password In Firefox

  How To Hack Saved Password In Firefox  
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In this Tutorial I will Show You how to view saved password in Mozilla Firefox web browser.This Tutorial can be help-full if you get your hands on someone computer maybe your friends and he has saved password for certain websites like gmail, facebook,yahoo etc then you can easily view his password with very simple and easy trick that i am going to share today.How to do ?
Step 1. Open Firefox Web Broweser
Step 2. Then Click on FireFox > Option > Option as shown in below picture
Step 3. Then a POP Up box will appear, In that go to security and click on Show Passwords as show below.
Step 4. Now click on website whose password you want to see ans click on show password as shown inbelow image. (Note: It will ask for confirmation so click on yes when dialog box appears)
Step 5. Done, You have hacked password of your victim with few simple steps. You can try this at school computer lab if someone have saved their password.

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