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Transfer files from PC to PC

            Transfer files from PC to PC  
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Hello mate, I know you are searching for the way to transfer files from one computer to another. If yes, then you are on the right place. Here i have listed a way to transfer files from PC to PC using a LAN cable which is probably the best way to transfer filesfrom one computer to another computer. You may want to transfer files from old computer to new computer, or may be from your friends computer or laptop to your PC. Whatever the situation may be, If you want to transfer files from PC to PC then just follow the steps given below.For transferring files from PC to PC, you need two computers and one cross over cable and of course my article :-pSteps to transfer files from PC to PCFirst of all we need to configure IPV4 addresses on both the computers, Since we are transferring the data using LAN.
Step 1: Open the control panel by opening it from start-> or by opening run(win+r) and then, typing “control” . Then, click on “Change advanced sharing settings”
Step 2: A window will be opened with multiple options like Network discovery, File and printer sharing, Home group connections etc.., check all theoptions to allow as shown in the below image.Just check all the options to “Turn on network discovery, Network sharing etc..,”Repeat the same thing in both the computers
Step 3: After completing the above steps, you need to connect these computers with cross wire cable and configure IPV4 addresses.
Step 4: For configuring the IP addresses you need toopen Network connections either by navigating to this“Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections” or by opening run(win+r) and then typing command “ncpa.cpl”
Step 5: Right click on Ethernet and click on “properties” ->Then scroll down a bit and select “Internet protocol version 4″
Step 6: Insert the following IP address->, Subnet mask: you press tab it comes automatically), Default gateway:, and leave the remaining fields as empty and click onOK.
Step 7:Insert the  above details in first computer andjust interchange the IP address and Default gatewayand enter them in second computer.
Step 8:Now you are 80% done. You done with the connections and now, you have to concentrate on transferring data from PC to PC.
Step 9:For proceeding to that step, you need to makesure that your computers are connected by checking the “Network” option which will be shown up when you open Windows explorer (win+ E).If you have two computers shown there then, Your computers are connected.Now you can transfer files from PC to PC By doing these steps>Right click on file or folder you want to share>Select “Share with”and then, select specific people.>Then, there will be a drop down select “Everyone”  and click onadd.Now click on Share and you are done!! You can Now see your shared files by accessing through Network tab. I hope this is clear. If you are still having any doubts regarding How to transfer files from PC to PC,  please feel free to comment below
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